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Whether it’s for a local move or a long distance move these moving tips will help ease the process of what you should be prepared for when movers arrive.

For Payment: we ONLY accept – Cash, Card or Cashier’s Check.

Move Insurance: Basic Insurance included with every move (see Insurance below)

Few tips to prepare for your move:

1. Do a walk through with your movers so they know what’s going or not. Show them every room.

2. Labeling – If there are items not going or items going two places – please have them labeled so the movers don’t have to ask a lot of questions or bring something that shouldn’t be going.

3. Have your Fridges and Freezers cleared. Fridges and freezers are not made to transport food in them and will cause the food to spoil and shelves to break.

4. Label your boxes – label your boxes for the NEW place not the old place. This will help the movers know where they go in the new place.

5. Packing – If your packing that means we should walk in and be able to start breaking down and protecting items. It also means the TV’s are packed, by you, and ready to go. We will not bring packing material if packing services isn’t requested.

6. TV mounts will be left on the walls, if not removed by customer. We will not hang tv mounts in the new place.

7. All miscellaneous items should be in a box. Bigger boxes create less trips. Less trips create less time. Less time creates a bill in your favor.

8. If items are going in your own truck or a storage unit – PLEASE have your own pads ready to use. We do not leave or pads at storage units or use our pads in your rental truck.

9. Planters should be emptied before transport.

What You Should Know

Disassembly and Reassembly

We will disassemble all items as needed to be able to get the items loaded into the truck. We will reassemble anything we disassemble at the new location.

If you disassemble something, please note we may not be able to put it back together because we weren’t there when the item was taken apart.

Safes/Pianos/Bulky Items – the more we know the better for everyone

To keep our guys safe, we ask you to tell us about any safes, fireproof safes, filing cabinets, pianos, or bulky items that you might have. Our guys have equipment to help move safes, however, they do not bring the equipment unless we know a safe will need to be moved.

For safe moves, we only move safes to or from the first floor. NO EXCEPTIONS

Big and bulky Items we need to know about:

  • Patio items – grills, tables, chairs, couches
  • Large Toolboxes
  • Pool Tables
  • Tools that cannot be put in a box or container
  • Safes – Need to be emptied before they are moved
  • Gym Equipment – Treadmills, Weight benches, Pelotons, etc
  • Pianos – upright or grand
  • Filing Cabinets- Need to be emptied before they are moved
  • Lawnmowers
  • Motorcycles

Fridges & Freezers

We do ask that all fridges and freezers are empty and ready to go when we arrive. Due to the shelving in fridges, they are not made to be moved with items on them and are prone to brake. Freezers will defrost – leak water and could cause water damage to your items.


Stairs need to be mentioned to us. As we try to do the stair jobs in the morning so our guys are fresh and can manage the stairs in a safe manner.


We do ask that you take 100% of anything that can combust and cause a fire. We do not take gas cans, propane tanks or spray cans to name a few.


If you’re supplying your own packing material, we need to know. This way we can ensure we plan accordingly and have the time scheduled for a packing job. Packing takes time and we have a tight schedule to meet.

If we are not providing packing services, all items need to be packed into a box or container for them to be easily and safely moved – INCLUDING TV’s.


Debris Removal

Debris removal is an extra charge. However, most of the time we will NOT take any items. We have to do something with the item and don’t have time to run to the dump. If you are needing the guys to remove your moving debris or trash, please let us know prior to the move.

Overtime Rates

We do have Overtime Rates after 6pm. Charges are $20 extra per man per hour.


Our basic insurance is included with every move. It covers $.60 per pound per article, this is included with your move. Meaning, if an item weighs 10 lbs. you would receive $6.00 for the item. This is based on weight not on worth or value. It is not meant to replace a broken or damaged item but to help replace it. If you are interested in adding additional insurance, please give our office a call so we can discuss the options and pricing with you.

We do not insure any outside items. The outside elements are hard on items which cause the items to not hold up during transport and are prone to break during the move.

If we don’t pack the boxes, we CANNOT insure anything in the boxes. This is due to us not knowing what is in the box or how the items are packed.


We accept cash and credit/debit cards or cashier’s checks. WE DO NOT ACCPET PERSONAL CHECKS DUE TO TOO MANY HOT CHECKS. For card payments, we do charge a 3.5% processing fee. For check payments, we accept cashier’s checks. Local jobs (within the same town) payment is due after job is complete. If the job is long distance (from one town to another town) we do require 1⁄2 of the payment after we load your items, and the remaining balance is due before we unload at the new location.

If you have any questions or changes that need to be made, PLEASE call us at 806-787-7533.