Leave Your Old House Neat and Tidy

Leave Your Old House Neat and Tidy

Add cleaning services to your move

Many rental agencies and apartment complexes require a thorough cleaning when you move out. If you don't have your old residence professionally cleaned, you'll be on the hook for the cost of the cleaning service. Tough Guys Moving can save you the stress by cleaning your home during the moving process.

Our crew will:

  • Bring cleaning supplies to your home
  • Pack and load your belongings onto our truck
  • Clean your home thoroughly once it's empty

You don't have to clean your old home yourself. Our crew will get the job done for you.

We can also clean up before move-in

There's no guarantee that the home you're moving into will be clean. The previous family might have neglected to tidy up when they left. Dirt and dust might have been kicked up by the move. Tough Guys Moving can clean your new home before move-in. We'll make sure it's tidy before unloading your belongings. You won't have to start out living in a dirty space.

You don't need to hire a separate cleaning service. Call 806-787-7533 to speak with a moving company that will get the job done.